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The family economy of the rural poor (working title)

The Geologist delighted in finding quarries.
Tears and slices of landscape;
fine sections of tuffs and lavas,

The jagged crags of resistant rock.
The impressive ridge of the Stiperstones.

Old rocks, like the marbles and schists
In the drowned fault valley
of the Dardanelles –
The Hellespont, swum
by the lovelorn Leander
until he drowned. Gallipoli,
where 130,000 soldiers died.

The geologist’s wife was left behind,
displaced in wooded limestone scarps.
The Silurian district of Ledbury, valleys
cut in the soft shales, sheltering.

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Sarah-Jane is an educator at Hereford College of Arts and a postgraduate researcher at Birmingham City University. Her poetry can be read in various journals, including the Muddy River Poetry Review, the Wales Haiku Journal, The Inflectionist Review and Black Bough Poetry's Deep Time Two Anthology. She was shortlisted for the Haiku Foundation's Touchstone Award in April 2020.

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