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collage of deer-headed woman in dark theatre with flying fish
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What is Visual Poetry?

I’m frequently asked to describe what I think of as visual poetry (or Vispo) so I thought I’d write a blog post about it. For me, visual poetry works in an intersection between the visual arts and poetic texts. I once heard ‘poetry’ described as… Read more

Erasure poem and Collage - Image of a seated woman with three colourful birds and Erasured text reads imprudent, desireable, extravagant, elaborate Librarian
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Erasure Poems

I’ve just spent a week making erasure poems, and started to think about what these are to me and what the form might mean. What are Erasure Poems? For those who are new to erasure poems there’s a great article here from Erin Dorney (on… Read more

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Enchanted #3

Day 15, and halfway through April, which means halfway through #NaPoWriMo. There’s something about these points in a project which makes them tiny markers on a journey (today has been an exciting day, too, full of interesting conversations, so there needed to be flying fish… Read more

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Erasure Poetry

Every month (or nearly every month) I work in a generative space that asks us to make seven poems for seven days starting on the seventh of each month (it’s called ‘sevens’). For March, I experimented with erasure poetry. I really admire some of the… Read more