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collage of deer-headed woman in dark theatre with flying fish
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What is Visual Poetry?

I’m frequently asked to describe what I think of as visual poetry (or Vispo) so I thought I’d write a blog post about it. For me, visual poetry works in an intersection between the visual arts and poetic texts. I once heard ‘poetry’ described as… Read more

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Today – one new banner (with owl!) & I’ve built a new newsletter, which will shout-out one poet/artist, two funding opportunities and three journals, plus some paper giveaways. You can subscribe to my newsletter below.

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Guess the word

What part of confidante has that poor _______ played ever since the kindly plant was introduced among us! Why myriads of women have cried over it to be sure! What sickbeds has it smoked by! What fevered lips have received refreshment from it! (William Thackeray,… Read more

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The art of being obscure

Rod Judkins writes: “If you feel overlooked, that no one is interested in what you’re doing, enjoy the moment. Obscurity is a creative place: you are free to experiment and fail…success bring the weight of expectations, and pressure that can do far more harm than… Read more