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Stories from the eyes of an owl

One of my favourite projects this year came late and was a crazy zine-like collaboration.

Although chapbooks and poetry publications can be tricky for visual poets, it was a joy to work with Rare Swan Press on a hybrid project; the owl stories of the post title turned into a fold-out concertina book.

We put this together with extraordinary speed, finding printers, getting work print-ready, making lovely extras to send out (it’s nearly Christmas, after all) and deciding that this should be not-for-profit, a kind of gift for fellow poets and artists everywhere (if you were quick enough).

You can read about the project on Rare Swan’s website, and also an interview with me written by the lovely Marcelle Newbold.

All our tiny print run sold out within 48 hours, which was amazing, and we sent out the parcels this week. I am so looking forward to finding out what people think to this small and lovely experiment. I also look forward to reading Rare Swan’s future publications – I’m in fantastic company, as Rare Swan will be publishing ‘Zodiacal Light’ in Autumn 2022.

It was a joy collaborating with Renée from Rare Swan and Marcelle, editor of Literati magazine. Thank you both.

And in the meantime we have a few extra ideas, and we’ve put aside one last booklet, so watch this space and insta/twitter…

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Bio: Sarah-Jane's work is inspired by fairytales, nature, psychogeography and surrealism. She uses bricolage to explore the space between real and imagined; creating alternative narratives as small acts of resistance. Sarah-Jane's work can be seen in various journals, including Waxwing Literary Journal, Petrichor, Sugar House Review (Sugar Suites), Thrush Journal and Iron Horse Literary Review. You can find her on Twitter @Sarahjfc or on her website at

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