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The Constellation of nervous expertise

Day three of NaPoWriMo21: another erasure poem. The source for the last two are the same as this one – Observations on the zodiacal light : from April 2, 1853, to April 22, 1855, made chiefly on board the United States Steamfrigate Mississippi, during her late cruise in eastern seas, and her voyage homeward; with conclusions from the data thus obtained /by George Jones.

I’m using the text from the introduction to make an erasure poem, and overlaying that with the image plates. The collage is made as a response, and to try to thread through the idea of making a new type of space from old narratives.

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Sarah-Jane is an educator at Hereford College of Arts and a postgraduate researcher at Birmingham City University. Her poetry can be read in various journals, including the Muddy River Poetry Review, the Wales Haiku Journal, The Inflectionist Review and Black Bough Poetry's Deep Time Two Anthology. She was shortlisted for the Haiku Foundation's Touchstone Award in April 2020.

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