Past Projects

Re-Fabricate at HCA

Working with Victoria Powell, re-fab aimed to create a space for students, staff , graduates and the external creative community to share ideas and connect theory and practice.

From live co-created surrealist poetry set to music to subtle explorations of psychogeography, re-fab gave us all the chance to create new shared pedagogies of practice which have been taken forward in the Enterprise learning programme and its design at HCA.

The Scholarship Project

The Scholarship Project aimed to enhance scholarship in college Higher Education.

The project ran for three years from 2015-2018 and involved over 40 colleges.  It was funded by the HEFCE Catalyst Fund and managed by AoC with support from NUSQAA, and HEA.

My role was that of Scholarship Development Manager, working in a triad of colleges; HCA, Gloucestershire College and South Gloucestershire and Stroud College. You can see our work on the archived HCAScholarship blog.

Our research output which was used in the Scholarship Framework was a year-long study of ‘scholarly spaces’ used to promote scholarship across each centre. This spatial approach to scholarship hopes to support other colleges in developing and articulating their scholarly practice.


In 2016 HCA took part in a teaching and research project led by Jonathan Worth – connecting classes. As Jonathan says on his blog:

In early 2016 twelve of us from ten different institutions (nine in the UK and one in New Zealand) taught a connected classes using Twitter and blogs in six different disciplines, to classes who’s participants aged from 18 to 85. In June we got together at Open Lab, Newcastle University to share our findings and identify common design principles.