Current Projects


Launchgrad is part of Enterprise work at Hereford College of Arts (HCA) where I work as Scholarship and Enterprise Development Manager.

This is collaborative development work with staff and students across the community of HCA. I’m particularly indebted to L5 and L6 Fine Art students for working with me to create some edgy, challenging but truly supportive spaces where we’ve explored what the Enterprise curriculum might become.

Launchgrad is:

Curiosity Project artefact
  • a community of practice (of students and graduates)
  • an innovative teaching space (drawing on re-fabricate for some of its methods)
  • a learning programme which brings staff disciplinary strengths and research together in a way designed to foster student self-efficacy and Enterprise/Entrepreneurship attributes
  • a ‘pervasive space’ project for the curious.

The Scholarship Framework

The Scholarship Framework is a legacy of The Scholarship Project, which was shortlisted for the SEDA educational initiative of the year in 2018.

The Scholarship Framework offers a low-stakes entry route to publication for developing collegeHE researchers and those wanting to share their good practice in a Case Study. I am an editor for the framework and would welcome inquiries if anyone is interested in forward-facing writing which concerns scholarship in college Higher Education.

Either email me directly, or submit a Case Study or Thinkpiece to The Scholarship Framework through the editorial panel.

LSRN and Networking the Networks

The Learning and Skills Research Network is a voluntary network supporting research and evidence-led practice in the Post-16 sector. It has been going for 22 years, navigating through all kinds of sector and policy changes.

Networking the Networks is a new initiative which is aimed at making links between the many practice-led networks concerned with research and the use of evidence. I’m on the planning group for NtN.

An offshoot project from NtN is developing the ‘Research and Development’ toolkit. This is a collaborative venture with Andrew Morris, who was one of the original writers of the R&D toolkit. We’re using Peter Shukie’s ‘Community Open Online Course’ as a virtual learning environment, and if anyone wants to be part of a pilot trial please email me for details.

Festival/s of Practice

HCA has held two Festivals of Practice, in 2017 and 2018. Following in the tradition of #FEresearchmeets, a festival of practice celebrates collegeHE scholarship, and I hope to be working with Bryony Evett-Hackford in Coleg Sir Gar to see how we might grow these in the sector.

Bowerbird writing rooms

I’m super-happy to be participating in a live writing site. One of the most supportive spaces online I’ve found for some time it is curated by the Bowerbird (with some help from Lou Mycroft) it is based on rhizomatic theory and offers:

a public writing space for us to collaboratively write, edit and support one another in blogging and publishing. It is constructed in a Googlesite, which means that it’s easy to include images, sound and video as well as words. It’s hosted by The Bowerbird, but as he’s a metaphor Lou (Mycroft) @loumycroft and Kay (Sidebottom) @kaysoclearn have been the ones to build the bower.
The idea is that everyone has their own writing page (bower) and works away in it – maybe collaborating with other(s). When a few people have gathered, we can do a number of things:
invite each other in to comment/edit
have real-time writing bootcamps
open pages where we share ideas for publication etc

There are lots of other spaces too – if you’re an educator wanting to discuss FEresearch we also have a slack group, which I collaboratively run with colleagues across the sector. Email me if you’d like to join this.