Hello, and welcome to Tentative Zoetrope.

Rapunzel. June 2020

I’m Sarah-Jane, and I’m an educator, poet, and researcher based in rural Herefordshire.

I’m a poet, educator and researcher. I try to keep my practice open and creative, combining material practice with digital and using techniques such as bricolage to foster collaboration, experimentation and confidence.



My poetry can be read in various journals, including the Muddy River Poetry Review,  the Wales Haiku Journal and Plum Tree Tavern, with further poetry due to be published by Black Bough Press. I have been shortlisted for the Haiku Foundation’s ‘Touchstone’ award and the Canterbury Festival ‘poet of the year’ award. I’m interested in exploring the space between real and imagined. Inspired by fairytales, nature, psychogeography and surrealism, I use bricolage to investigate the unusual and surprising using words.


I have experience of working in a variety of contexts, from schools through to Higher Education, and as an educational consultant. I’m an educator and educational developer at Hereford College of Arts, developing projects such as re_fabricate and Launchgrad.


I am a postgraduate researcher at Birmingham City University, where my research looks at radical educational spaces, investigating the concept of the ‘critical radical rural’. I am passionate about arts education and the power of the arts to reveal the surprising and let us find alternative solutions to complex problems.

You can read more about my research on the CSPACE webpages at BCU.

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